a pic of myself

I am currently a fourth-year Ph.D student in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. I am a member of UChicago's SUPERGroup, where I am advised by Dr. Blase Ur. My research involves working with Large Language Models (LLMs), of which ChatGPT is a familiar example. I am interested in using LLMs as tools to preserve user privacy and security, as well developing principled approaches for making LLMs safer tools to use in other contexts.

Prior to starting my Ph.D, I worked with Dr. Richard Medford, Dr. Christoph Lehmann, and Dr. Sameh Saleh of UTSouthwestern's Clinical Informatics Center. I mostly built machine learning models to supplement medical doctors' decision making.

I am also proudly Texan (born n' raised), biracial, bisexual, and nonbinary. I don't have any preference for pronouns, but many people use they/them to refer to me.

Awards and Fellowships
  • [2022] I applied for and was granted an Inclusive Climate Grant (847.98$) in 2022 along with Jake Chanenson to start an initiative focused on providing LGBT+ students at all academic levels in UChicago's Physical Sciences Department an area to work, quietly socialize, and be seen by other LGBT+ students and allies.
  • [2021] I placed second in AMIA 2021's Best Student Paper Competition which came with a 300$ cash prize and free registration.
  • [2021] I was awarded the Crerar Fellowship (5000$) on the basis of being an exceptional applicant to UChicago's PhD program.
  • [2017] I was awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship (8000$) on the basis of high academic achievement.
  • [2023-Current] I served on the program committe for PEPR, and was the chair for the 2023 LLMs and AI session.
  • [2022-Current] I have served as an external reviewer for ACM CHI since my second year; I mostly review papers relating to the intersection of privacy, security, and LLMs.
  • [2022-2023] I organized an event to foster community amoung the LGBT+ individuals in UChicago's Physical Sciences Department, along with Jake Chanenson
  • [2022-2023] I served as a volunteer for UChicago's Student Application Support Program, which pairs applicants from minority backgrounds with current PhD students to give feedback on application materials.
  • [2022-Current] I volunteer yearly for UChicago's South Side Science Festival , a STEM outreach event designed to bring the South Side and UChicago communities together.